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When was first Oktoberfest in Munich? The History of Germany’s Beer Festival

By Keno | Allgemein , Oktoberfest

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The Oktoberfest is the most popular Beer Festival worldwide and of course it originates from Munich Germany.
Since the world's biggest Beer Festival becomes more and more popular in the USA too, many people ask when was first Oktoberfest in Munich?
Well, you will find the answer to that question on this website and many other fun facts about Germany's Oktoberfest too.

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When was first Oktoberfest Munich?

The most frequently asked question about Germany's biggest Beer Festival is this: "When was first Oktoberfest Munich?" Well, that's a very good question to start your information journey about the beer fest and here is a walk which will lead you through all the most important steps in the world's most famous Oktoberfest History.

October 17th 1810

A corporal of the bavarian military had the idea to dedicate a horse race to the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Sachsen which took place on October 12th 1810. One week later on October 17th 1810 the horse race was taking place for the first time in Munich's history and thousands of people gathered on the Theresienwiese to witness that "first Oktoberfest".

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Munich's Skyline

Oktoberfest 1811, 1812 & 1813

After the first event in 1810 King Ludwig decided that the Oktoberfest should become a tradition and that Munich should continue to celebrate it every year. In 1811 & 1812 Bavarian's Farmer's Association was in charge to organise the fair at Munich's Theresienwiese and they presented agricultural products to the visitors.

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Due to the Napoleon war the Oktoberfest 1813 had to be canceled.